IT3000: Stay Safe Online – Example Scams

Phishing Scam Example – Google Drive

The follow email appears to have been sent from a legitimate email address, suggesting that the real user has been hacked.

It appears to contain a link to a PDF stored within Google Drive.

If you were to click on the link within the email it would take you through to what appears to be the login page to Google’s ‘One Account’ service.

On first glance would you notice anything wrong with this page?



Probably not! But if you look closely at the address bar you can see that the page you have been sent to does NOT belong to Google.



Now lets compare the this page against the REAL Google login page.


The differences are minimal but they are there.

Our recommendation is that you NEVER login to a site that you have been sent a link to within an email. Search for them in your browser and log in that way – if the link you were sent was genuine you will still be able to access the information but if the link was a scam you will have avoided the possibility of having your details stolen.

Think! Don’t click that link!