IT3000: Stay Safe Online – Meltdown/Spectre CPU Exploit

Meltdown/Spectre CPU Exploit

You may hear of a new security risk in the news called Meltdown or Spectre and as a part of our commitment to you, our customers, we want to explain the risk and put your minds at rest.

Meltdown/ Spectre is what is known as an exploit. An exploit is typically a piece of software that takes advantage of any bugs or vulnerabilities within a device to cause unintended behaviour, for example gaining access to your computer.

The Meltdown/ Spectre exploit is affecting the main CPU (central processing unit) brands – Intel, AMD, ARM etc. A CPU is the part of a device that handles all instructions received from either hardware (a keyboard, mouse, sensor etc) or software.

This exploit is resolved by installing a Windows Security Patch. A security patch is where a change is applied, in this case to the Windows Operating System, that corrects the vulnerability and reduces the security risk.

This Windows Security Patch for Meltdown/Spectre will be rolled out as part of the normal Windows update schedule, so if you have Windows updates enabled and working this will be patched automatically.

As always, we strongly recommend that you complete your Windows updates as soon as prompted and that you regularly reboot your machine. This will ensure that the relevant security patches are applied to your device.

Please note that there have been some reports of a drop in device performance after installing the patches to resolve the Meltdown/Spectre exploit, however almost all PC and Laptop users will be unaffected by the patch.

Exploits are discovered frequently, and updates are provided that include the relevant patch to resolve the vulnerability before it ever becomes an issue. However, as this particular exploit has found its way into mainstream news we wanted to make you aware of the full details.

We also want to reassure you that at IT3000 we constantly monitor any security vulnerabilities that arise and will always design the best method to minimise any risk to you. As a part of this commitment to you our cloud hosting service is constantly patched and updated to enable the highest levels of security.

If you have any questions and would like to speak to a member of the IT3000 team then please email us on or call 01455 247 830.