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Microsoft Teams


What is Microsoft Teams?

With Teams, you can give your team built-in access to everything they need right in Office 365. Manage all your conversations, files, and tools in one workspace. Enjoy instant access to SharePoint, OneNote, Planner and Power BI. Create and edit documents right in Microsoft Teams. Speed employee onboarding with persistent conversations and instant access to files. Search across people, files, and chats within one hub for teamwork.


How can I start using Microsoft Teams?

  • How can I access it?

    If you are using Office 365, Microsoft Teams should already be installed on your device. Alternatively, you can download it here. You will then need to sign in with your usual Microsoft account to get started. Details on how to sign in can be found here.

    If you are not currently using Office 365 but would like to start using teams please contact your account manager to discuss your options.

  • How do I set it up?

    We can provide you with a basic Teams setup. This would include configuration of the Office 365 tenant and teams structure. Contact your IT3000 Account Manager to discuss your options.

    Once Teams has been configured it can be managed within the desktop application

  • How do we use it?

    This quick start guide is a great tool to share with your team to help them understand Teams and to get them started. You’ll find this and other resources to help enable your team to work efficiently from home in our online remote working help centre.